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Birthday of IA Stewart Reuben (14-iii-1939)

Birthday of Stewart Reuben (14-iii-1939) Here is his Wikipedia entry His personal catchphrase is "If only I had been consulted eariler" Jimmy Adams and Stewart Reuben Richard W. O'Brien and Stewart Reuben working on a bulletin SR attempting to dance Stewart Reuben interviews Stewart Reuben at the home of Stewart Reuben The Chess Scene Leonard … Continue reading Birthday of IA Stewart Reuben (14-iii-1939)

Birthday of IM Lawrence Cooper (16-vii-1970)

BCN wishes Happy Birthday to IM Lawrence Cooper (16-vii-1970) Lawrence was born in Stone, Staffordshire and attend Walton High School, Stafford. Lawrence Cooper, Demis Hassabis, Cathy Hasslinger and Dharshan Kumaran in around 1986. Possibly at a Lloyds Bank event. He became a FIDE Master in 1989 and then an International Master in 2001. Lawrence was … Continue reading Birthday of IM Lawrence Cooper (16-vii-1970)