About Us

British Chess News is a relatively new venture started by chess writers seeking to publish content that focuses both on the chess “scene” in Britain and the exploits of British players and officials abroad.

We started tentatively in August 2016 (the 31st to be precise) with the British Chess News Facebook Group with two readers and as of March 2024 we have almost 5800 so we must be doing something that our readers like.

The Facebook Group started out as a vehicle for providing links to relevant news stories from almost any source, anywhere in the world. We mentioned anything and everything as long as there was a relevance to British chess. We dug out news articles from provincial newspapers that might have only been seen by a handful of people to convince sources that it was worth publishing in the first place.

In 2018 we made the decision to attempt to create original content and began with books reviews. Now we include player biographies and many “Minor Pieces” by Richard James.

Our writers have a mixed wealth of chess experience as players, organisers, writers, officials, students and fans of the greatest game known to man (and woman).  We have a separate page listing their heritage.

We have an active Twitter account calling it “@BritishChess” due to the 18 character length restriction on account names!

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We focus on the British Chess Scene Past & Present !