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Birthday of IA Stewart Reuben (14-iii-1939)

Birthday of Stewart Reuben (14-iii-1939) Here is his Wikipedia entry His personal catchphrase is "If only I had been consulted eariler" Jimmy Adams and Stewart Reuben Richard W. O'Brien and Stewart Reuben working on a bulletin SR attempting to dance Stewart Reuben interviews Stewart Reuben at the home of Stewart Reuben The Chess Scene Leonard … Continue reading Birthday of IA Stewart Reuben (14-iii-1939)

Death Anniversary of IM Simon Webb (10-vi-1949 14-iii-2005)

We remember IM Simon Webb (10-vi-1949 14-iii-2005) David Nixon and Simon Webb at the London Evening Standard Congress Simon became England's fourth Correspondence Grandmaster in 1983 following Keith Richardson, Adrian Hollis and Peter Clarke. IM Jonathan Speelman vs IM Simon Webb at the 1978 British Championships in Ayr, Courtesy of John Upham {[%evp 0,74,19,29,18,21,56,-11,-17,-25,25,16,18,-3,56,33,50,36,37,36,38,34,59, 54,58,44,43,48,44,23,44,31,47,31,43,36,24,22,8,17,17,-16,-27,-79,-109,-66,-59, … Continue reading Death Anniversary of IM Simon Webb (10-vi-1949 14-iii-2005)