Godfrey Heathcote (20-vii-1870 24-iv-1952) [Source: Chess Pie, 1922; scanned by M.McDowell]

Remembering Godfrey Heathcote (20-vii-1870 24-iv-1952)

From The Encyclopedia of Chess(Robert Hale, 1970 and 1976) by Anne Sunnucks :

“Problem composer, and deemed to be on of the great masters of the art. Heathcote was born on 20th July 1870 in Manchester, and died on 24th April 1952. whilst in office as the President of the British Chess Problem Society. An advocate of the model mate, Heathcote was one of few composers with the power to combine model mates with strategy. In 1918 a collection of his problems appeared in the A. C. White Christmas series under the title Chess Idylls

Here is an appreciation from chesscomposers.blogspot.com

Chess Idylls (1918)
Chess Idylls (1918)

From The Encyclopaedia of Chess (Batsford, 1977), Harry Golombek OBE, John Rice writes:

“British problemist, generally regarded as the outstanding English composer of model-mate problems. President of British Chess Problem Society 1951-2.”

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One thought on “Remembering Godfrey Heathcote (20-vii-1870 24-iv-1952)”

  1. I already held this chess composer in high esteem when I was still 13 years old and started composing myself chess problems in the Café Mozart (Salzburg). I was unable to compose at such a high level as this famous chess composer did.

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