Remembering Sir George Alan Thomas

Sir George Alan Thomas
Sir George Alan Thomas

We remember Sir George Alan Thomas who died on July 23rd, 1972

From Wikipedia :

Thomas was British Chess Champion in 1923 and 1934. He shared first prize at the 1934/5 Hastings International Chess Congress with the next world chess champion Max Euwe and leading Czechoslovak player Salo Flohr, ahead of past and future world champions José Raúl Capablanca and Mikhail Botvinnik, whom he defeated in their individual games. For Capablanca, this had been the first loss in tournament play for four years, and the first playing the white pieces for more than six years. Also in Hastings, eleven years later, Euwe would become the third world chess champion to be defeated by Thomas in a game.[9]

His ‘lifetime’ scores against the world’s elite were however less flattering: he had minuses against Emanuel Lasker (−1, not counting a win in a Lasker simultaneous exhibition in 1896), Capablanca (+1−5=3), Alekhine (−7=6), Efim Bogoljubov (−5=3), Euwe (+1−9=2), Flohr (+2−9=4) and Savielly Tartakower (+3−9=10). He also fared badly against Edgard Colle (+1−9=8). Thomas made even scores with Botvinnik (+1−1), Richard Réti (+3−3=1) and Siegbert Tarrasch (+1−1=3). Against Géza Maróczy, the balance was in Thomas’ favour (+3−1=5).

Domestically, he held a plus score against his great rival Fred Yates (+13−11=13), but was less successful against Women’s World Chess Champion Vera Menchik (+7−8=7),

In 1950 he was awarded the International Master title by FIDE and in 1952, became an International Arbiter. He gave up competitive chess at the age of 69.

Sir George Alan Thomas
Sir George Alan Thomas

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      What evidence is there that it should be Fred rather than Frederick ? Perhaps I should be asking what evidence there is for Frederick rather than Fred ?

      Richard James tells me that the birth record shows Fred and the Dewhirst appears in a Census record from 1911.

      Gaige has Frederick Dewhurst but presumably merely quoted the 1932 reference in BCM

      Edward Winter and Leonard Barden appear convinced so Fred Dewhirst it is !

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