IM James Adair playing GM Hikaru Nakamura at the London Chess Classic

Happy Birthday IM James Adair (09-xi-1992)

BCN wishes Happy birthday to IM James Adair.

James Robert Adair was born on Monday, November 9th in 1992 in Reading, Berkshire.

James attended Little Heath School, Tilehurst, Reading and joined Reading Chess Club and was an active player in the Berkshire League and in the Surrey Border League. His father Andrew took up chess to support James as a junior.

He then read Mathematics at The University of York and now is employed by Aviva plc (formerly Norwich Union Assurance) in the field of insurance.

James became a FIDE Master in 2012 and gained his International Master title in August 2014.

According to Felice his best FIDE rating was 2489 in December 2016. According to MegaBase 2020 it was 2492 in August 2018 at the age of 26.

James started his 4NCL career in the 2006/7 season with Conquistadors and then transferred to Guildford not long after. By 2010/11 James was playing for the bar loving Sambuca Sharks team. In 2011 James transferred to 4NCL White Rose as he had just started University in Yorkshire. He was also playing for York RI.

In 2009 he shared equal 1st (4.5/5) with Alexei Slavin in the Uxbridge Open, a sadly missed e2-e4 event. Since then James has had various tournament successes.

FIDE rating profile for IM James Adair
FIDE rating profile for IM James Adair

James has plus scores against : Peter Roberson, Jack Rudd, Richard Bates and Matthew Turner amongst others.

IM James Adair
IM James Adair
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